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स्वतंत्र भाषा विशेषज्ञ | Freelance Language Experts

The Institute works on all languages and mother tongues of India via its various schemes and projects towards the promotion of Indian languages. The Institute is in frequent, though intermittent, needs of creating various types of content in multiple Indian languages and mother tongues, specially to meet the needs towards achieving the goals of NEP-2020 which focuses on mother tongues.

The Central Institute of Indian Languages wishes to create a database of linguists, language experts and linguists having expertise in languages, pairs of languages and show case their expertise that can be utilized by the Institute towards promotion of their languages/mother tongues.

The profiles, with strong inclination towards their linguistic skills, may be selected by various/schemes/projects of the Institute to work on a freelance mode to create, review and evaluate various types of content in Indian languages.

The minimum qualification required is upto senior secondary school education (10th standard). However, candidates having higher educational qualifications would stand the chance of getting more job opportunities and more frequently.

There is no salary fixed for this. This is a freelance work opportunity wherein language experts would be chosen to work on various types of works. Payments would be commensurate with the task assigned. The tasks may include translation, creation of word lists, lexicon, recording speech, editing, annotation, transcription and so on. There may be chances when select freelancers may be invited to participate in workshops, seminars etc at various places within India.

Applicants should create a profile and give the full repertory of languages they have expertise in. Minor languages and mother tongues are more preferable. However, there is a greater chance for those to land a work if they know another major language. For example, knowledge of a mother tongue with the knowledge of English or Hindi would stand more chance to get work as the guidelines would be prepared mostly in these languages.

Place of Work
As it is a freelance opportunity, individuals may work virtually, from anywhere within India. However, they require to have a computer (or in some cases a smart phone) with an internet connections.

Types of Works
The types of works they may be engaged with include translation, transcription, speech recording, proofreading, review, evaluation, one to one consultation and so on.

Duration of the Work

As this is a freelance work opportunity, there is no guarantee as to the duration of the work and remuneration thereof. Creating the profile does not mean that you will get the opportunity to work for CIIL or its schemes/projects. Duation may differ depending upon the volume of the task at hand.

Last Date

There is no last date as such for this as it is a freelance opportunity.

Total Vacancies

As per Requirement

Salary/Remuneration Type



Commensurate with Work Volume

Project Name

Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL)



Job Type


Duties and Responsibilities

As specified in each task


0 to Any

Last date to apply


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