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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the How to Apply section before filling up the form. The page contains details on how to prepare before filling up the form.

Yes Registration on the portal is mandatory to be able to apply for a post.

You must have an email and a mobile phone number to register on the portal. You must own both of these and it is advised that you do not use email or phone number that belong to others. You will need to verify your email before you would be able to login on the portal.

You must provide your correct name, address, phone number and email at the time of registration on the portal. The information you provide during registration is used to populate the application forms and you would not be able to change your name, email and phone number after registration is complete.

If you have registered on the portal with the details and got a message saying that an email has been sent to you for email verification, you should get the verification email within a few seconds to a maximum of five to ten minutes. If have not received it, you should check the SPAM forlder of your email. There is a chance that the email might have landed up there.

If you are not able to login, first check if you have given the correct email and password. If this not correct, you would get an error. If your email is not verified, you would not be able to sign in. So, first, check the Email Verification you received from CIIL and verify your email.
The login form also has a language captcha. Please ensure to solve the captcha challenge before clicking on the login button. To see how the captcha works, please see this video on how to clear the Language Captcha Challenge .

If you have applied for a post, you should be able to see the details for each of the posts you have applied for. To view the details of your applications submitted, please go to My Applied Jobs page and click on the application to see your application details. If you cannot see your documents on the page, it means that it is not there and you should upload it. Please see another video on how to upload your documents for an already submitted application.


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