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How To Apply

Instructions before filling up the applications:

Before you start filling up the application form/creating the profile, please ensure the following:

1. Register on the portal with your email address and mobile phone number. These will be used to give you notifications and communicate separately with you. You may need to verify both your email and your phone before you can apply. The verification email and SMS OTP may be sent to your given email and mobile phone number.
2. Before filling up the application form on the portal, go through the detailed advertisement given in PDF format, to know more about the position you are applying for. You can also get these details on ciil.org under the link announcements. Get all of your details ready with you so that the application form is filled up quickly.

BE CAREFUL! You cannot edit your application details once it has been submitted and you would also not be able to apply for the same position again!

Please review your application/profile page fully and ensure that all your details are filled up properly before you hit the submit button!

3. Have the following documents ready with you on your computer.
i. Your Passport size image, in jpg/jpeg or png format, not more than 200 KB.
ii. A scanned image of your signature, in jpg/jpeg or png format, not more than 100 KB.
iii. Create a single PDF containing the following documents, the total file size may be upto a maximum of 25 MB.
    a. Brief biodata/CV/Resume
    b. Certificates and degrees relating to your educational qualifications, as applicable.
    c. Certificates, pay slips etc. regarding your previous work experiences.
    d. Research Papers and other documents that you want to submit along with other documents.

4. After filling up the profile page form, you can get a preview of your profile on the page named "My Profile". You can also save the page your reference. After you are satisfied with your profile information, you can submit the application.
5. You will get an acknowledgement about the submission of your application form via an email. You should get the email immediately, however, sometimes it may get delayed. If you have not received it within 2 to 5 minutes in your inbox, then please check the SPAM folder of your email. There is a chance that the email might have landed up there.

6. For Educational Qualifications, please ensure to add all of your educational qualifications until the minimum criteria of educational qualification is filled up. For example, if a position has the minimum qualification of PhD, you must give the details of all of your previous qualifications starting from 10th/secondary school education onwards. You can add more qualifications from the drop down given for the application.

7. Wherever, a period is required (for example, while filling a work experience column, if you are currently working on that position, the end date to be marked as "today", i.e. the date of filling up the form.

8. If you have multiple BA/MA/PhD etc, please fill in only one of them that is most relevant to the position you are applying for. The rest of them can be part of your CV/Resume that you upload.
9. If you have additional qualifications that you think is also relevant for the position you are applying for, please mention that in the last column of the form "Any other relevant information" and ensure that the details for the same is uploaded as part of your CV/credentials attached.

10. In case any field does not apply to you, you can skip filling this. For example, for all the posts like UDC, LDC, publication field is not required and it can skipped.

11. If the page does not get submitted even after clicking the submit button, then make sure that you have filled all the mandatory fields.

Here is also a video giving a brief on how to create your profile and apply for any job posted on this portal.

In case of any queries, please contact us at ada [hyphen] ciilmys [dot] gov [dot] in

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